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In Early 2019, we approved our first grant, a 3-year grant to
Hands Offering Hope. With that grant, HOH has been able to
achieve the following:
o Graduated their largest Michael Lotito Fellowship class, one
that had a female majority for the first time. Each of the
students received over 60 hours of English language training,
80 hours of professional development education and a
competitive stipend making the opportunity practical for their
family needs.
o Named their first Michael Lotito Institute Scholar - Julissa
Novelo – who upon entering university will have all costs
covered and a mentorship throughout university with Jennifer.

Support the
Chiquila, Mexico
community through
programs, funding
mentorship and
workforce development

Provide aid to nurturing
environments and
mentorship programs to
ensure those in the LGBTQ+
community unleash their
potential to become
tomorrow’s leaders

Support impactful
programs that nourish
inner city girls living in
poverty to ensure they
live up to their full

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